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Dallas to Tulsa courier

DFW Delivered is here for you. We provide professional, personalized service to help you get what you need delivered between Dallas and Tulsa. Let us do the driving and you won’t have to worry about anything. Simply fill out our quote request or give us a call, and you’re ready to go.

Legacy Central: 84 on 75

Legacy Central is a massive, 84-acre complex off highway 75 in Plano, currently set up for offices but ultimately planned as a mixed-use development replete with hotel, retail, and luxury housing. Just two years old now, construction continues despite COVID-related setbacks, and it seems that the mixed-use concept may be The Way Of The Future in the post-pandemic, Work From Home era.


Simply stated, we are a courier service for the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Past experience has taught us that having a singleness of purpose allows us to excel at what we do, and having a buck-stops-here “I will take care of you” attitude allows our customers to rest assured that their delivery problem is solved, so they can get on with their business.