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A DART rail train in Dallas to convey express courier service

How much “human content” is necessary?

This post is not meant for human consumption. It is solely designed to attract search engines to this site by generation of “content”. Specifically, by letting you know that if you are in, say, Richardson and looking for an express courier service, DFW Delivered is here to serve you. Take action now!

Of course, in the long term, this post is meant for humans. By boosting the website’s presence, it is more likely to be seen by a decision-maker. With that, we’ll get the chance to be of service to a greater portion of the Dallas / Ft. Worth community. At the end of the day, it’s still person-to-person communication, albeit removed by several degrees. But this is the interesting thing about today’s advertising age – an increasing amount of digital content is created by artificial intelligence, designed to be read by artificial intelligence. Seas of words are navigated in all languages with no intention of human consumption whatsoever.


There are various types of websites for business. Here’s two…

  • The Online Storefront. This is the type where the entire customer experience can take place from start to finish. Amazon’s site is a good example. You browse, buy and pay in a single visit, without leaving the site.
  • The Online Billboard. This website is an example. The entire purpose is to draw attention to DFW Delivered and to get people who need courier service in Dallas, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Coppell, Fort Worth to call 972.591.7750.

To make both more “important” in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content must be generated. It can’t be mere gobbledigook, fortunately, as the AI crawlers have gotten more sophisticated, and algorithms (a fancy term for formulas) pay attention to the length of time people spend on a particular page. So companies have a vested interest in creating relevant content – or, at the very least, content that appears to be relevant to a search engine.

In the early days, this was achieved through brute-force use of keywords. If you wanted people to find your site by searching “Dallas courier service”, you’d just find a hundred ways to use that phrase. Now, things have moved to semantic search based on the way people use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We want people to find us if they type “express courier service near me”. This means the content must answer the question rather than merely using the phrase.

Six pages of data for a ten-digit number

If I actually follow all the guidelines my optimizer tells me to, I should keep most sentences to fewer than twenty words. This is not how I construct sentences naturally. Attempting to do so is like squeezing into an ill-fitting plaid suit. However, it doesn’t matter what you or I think. The important thing is what the algorithm recommends.

The optimal number of words on a webpage has dramatically increased. That’s why you’re seeing pages that tend to scroll on forever. For years, things were divvied up into neat outlines, but not at the moment. Of course, who knows where we’ll be in three years. At the moment, though, the ideal scenario is about six pages of content per web page. That requires a lot of creativity to figure out how to usefully speak on express courier service. Or, of course, you could let AI do it.

Social media oversharing

Marketing analysts will recommend that once you, or a device, have created a post such as this it should be shared on as many “platforms” as possible. The theory is that if you create good content, and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., people will like it and share it, thus increasing the SEO value of your social media site.

This would make sense if human beings weren’t involved. But we are – and let’s be real: we aren’t reading what businesses wish we were.

Like many of my friends, I have a hard enough time keeping up with my friends while living my life. There’s already enough to read, to acknowledge, to “like”, to truly love. I simply can’t take the time to wade through one blog post after another, especially when I know the content wasn’t always generated by a person.

That is why a core tenet of DFW Delivered is limited use of social media. Driving around affords us the opportunity to get some pictures of the Metroplex’s hidden gems and major attractions, so we’ll use Instagram frequently. Beyond that, we try to share only to the extent that we must.

However, we need to do these posts for SEO, and to be honest we quite enjoy writing them. Even if they’ll never be read by another human, they are good to craft. So that’s something we’ll always engage in.

The value of SEO content

The above header is a bit of a non-sequitur for eye travel. This is where I remind you to click the Get A Quote button for all your reliable courier needs.

We hope you enjoyed reading our content, even though we assume that no human did.