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Downtown Dallas from the rail bridge going over the Trinity River, at Beckley Rd.
Downtown Dallas from the rail bridge going over the Trinity River, at Beckley Rd.

The tracks that led to DFW Delivered were laid on March 16, 2020. COVID-19 was already an issue, but from my admittedly limited perspective, that seemed to be the day that corporate America truly became cognizant of the virus and realized action needed to be taken.

In my role as the Operations Wiseapple for office fruit delivery service ORCHARD At The OFFICE, the effects were staggering. Calls were flooding in, regretting to inform us that due to the pandemic, staffers were being instructed to work remotely, offices would be closed for the forseeable future, and as such our healthy snack deliveries would not be needed. By the end of the week, we saw a 40% decline in our sales, and by month’s end we’d lost over 80% over our business. Were it not for nimble (and desperate) pivoting by ownership, ORCHARD At The OFFICE would have been an overnight COVID casualty.

Despite our best efforts, as time went on it became abundantly clear that for the duration of the pandemic, we’d all better find additional employment. For myself, having spent years in the role of Operations Wiseapple meant two things: get perishable products rapidly from point A to point B, and to provide Superior Customer Service. Fortunately, the acquisition of these two skills have a broad applicability, and can thus transfer easily into a nascent business of my own creation.

Thus, after the requisite “dotting of teas and crossing of eyes”, all the legalities were sorted and DFW Delivered was brought into the world on October 21, 2020. Simply stated, we are a courier service for the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Past experience has taught us that having a singleness of purpose allows us to excel at what we do, and having a buck-stops-here “I will take care of you” attitude allows our customers to rest assured that their delivery problem is solved, so they can get on with their business.

In addition to providing relevant business information, regular posts to this site will detail some of the Hidden Gems of DFW that we’ve discovered in our years of experience traveling to the nooks and crannies of our Metroplex. It is our hope that this ongoing “love letter to the Metroplex” will provide information, entertainment, and interest in this community we share.

And, of course, we hope it provides work for us! So if you’re looking for a courier service near you to expedite your deliveries, get a quote or call 972.591.7750.