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your courier service specialists

You can schedule courier service with DFW Delivered, the premiere delivery provider for the Dallas / Fort Worth area, in several ways.

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Come Drive With Us.

If you’re a dependable driver with a clean record, and you’d like to put your skills and wheels to use, we’d love to talk with you. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll get in contact with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of situations can you help me with?

Any time you need to get things from point A to point B. We’ll deliver packages, products, and parts. We’re the courier service for your legal documents, luggage, and supplies. Whether you need a care package raced to your college student, or promotional materials brought to an important marketing event, we’re here to serve.

How quickly can a delivery be made?

We can nearly always get anywhere in the DFW area within three hours. After that, we’ll do the delivery as scheduled. Obviously, it’ll depend on how far the recipient is, but in nearly all cases we make a straight run.

How much is this going to cost me?

We make it a point to offer reasonable, competitive rates. For instance, we roll toll charges into our overall fee. Really, you’re paying for the call and mileage. The cost of the call varies based on same-day, after hours, with a discount applied for recurring customers. Mileage is based on industry standards.

By letting us do the driving, you gain the value of continuing to be productive.

Are there limitations as to size and weight?

We handle items up to a pallet size. Typically what we handle is less than 84″ (7 feet) in length, 48″ (4 feet in width), and 46″ in height. We can handle larger items but customer is responsible for the cost of vehicle rental.

What is your delivery range?

As our business title implies, we specialize in delivery service for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. However, we can generally do same-day service within a 350-mile radius. This means we can provide courier service for Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Midland, Abilene, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock, Shreveport, Texarkana and Houston.

However, we are able to deliver anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. It may take slightly longer but we’ll make it happen!

We need medical supplies delivered immediately. Can you help?

Yes, we can assist in the delivery of unrefrigerated medical supplies.

How do we pay you for this, and when?

You will receive a QuickBooks invoice upon completion of delivery. We accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment.

WE OFFER COURIER SERVICE to the entire Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex…and beyond.